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It’s 10,000 June 18, 2009

Posted by ibnukhair in Jalan Da'wah, Sketsa Kehidupan.


A’la kulli hal.. All praise due to Allah SWT. Selawat and salam to my dearest Muhammad SAW and his true follower. It has been a while since I’m learning to “tateh” and now nearly reaching 10,000 centimetre per hour speed (err, run unbalancely).

Well, the visitors hits 10,000. It might be just 10,000.. or it might be 10,000 person bloghoppers who read it through but hasn’t change their paradigm yet.

Well, its my pray and I do hope that if not all but 90% of them who go through this pretty little tiny piece of artwork would somehow get the blessing of Allah SWT in their way to become a very good servant of Him.

“Nobody going to change your fate except you yourself aye!”

Dear ummi, abi, acik, ammu, friends and those who know or did not know me personally, pray that I’ll keep thabat on this path writing and trying my very best to influence those readers to get back to as-solah da’wah!.

10, 000 is just a beginning!

Kind regards,



1. danial - June 18, 2009

the game has just started

salam dari shah alam

2. ismirieya - June 18, 2009

Salam Safiyyah..

Wah2..Safiyyah sudah boleh berlari, berkejaran dan melompat la lepas ni..Mabruk2! [no more tateh dehh..]

Turn Mok Su lak ber’tatih’ mengejar anak sedare yang satu ini..

Tunggu yeah~

3. emir.abu.khalil - June 18, 2009

barakAllahu fiik akhi… semoga ziarahnya itu juga menandakan mahunya mereka kepada tarbiyyah yang kita bawa, in sya Allah.. =)

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